Monday, September 10, 2012

testing 1..2..3...

hello? tap tap. is this thing on?

now i know most of you have been clicking re-fresh over and over until your eyes turned blood shot red to see if i've updated my blog and i don't mean to make you feel stupid, but seriously how stupid are you? stupid! its been private for like, ev-ar. hellur?

i go back and forth about it. i love to write but hate knowing anyone can click on my link (all 8 of you out there! hi mom! hi grandma! hey creepy guy from google! how are you any way? long time no talk!)

so this is just a test run.

heads up! i hate when people link my blog profile on the side of your own blog. could you not? I'm such a diva, i know! color me a private person okay? COLOR ME. preferably red. i like red. and blue! although i choose to wear black a lot? color me gothic. is that a color?  you lost me at hello...

i've made all my old posts private also. to start fresh. like a good clean shower! its like we all just took a shower together! oops! you dropped the soap. awkward.

don't be surprised if you click on my blog and its private again.  its not you, its me. works just been so crazy these days and i have a really early meeting tomorrow and stuff....? don't call me, i'll call you.

so here goes nothing...

welcome back. I'm sure to do better next time. It was my first flight, and I'l still getting used to my programming! 


  1. I sure hope creepy guy is gone because I miss when your blog is private... I love the stories about the kids, and Jeremy, and, of course, YOU.
    Good luck...I'll be watching!!!

  2. Hey I think I know you, but it's been so long, this is crazy. :)

  3. So here's a funny story...sometimes (aka once every day at least) I think about how you are. BUT I'm afraid to text you because I DID get your text with an updated number BUT I'm not sure which one to save because it came in as a group text and I may be retarded and in my 70s but I'm afraid if I text it I'll be texting one of your friends in CA who also happened to be on the list and she'll be like "who the heck is this?" And I'll feel really dumb. So I've been waiting for you to text me which hasn't happened and I'm curious if it's because you are tired of hearing me complain (which doesn't happen anymore because well, I'm not 9 months pregnant anymore and so I can roll over normally in bed and I get at least 5 straight hours of sleep now because Kate is two months old and is semi out of her newborn stage and I actually like where I live (sort of) and don't have to carry groceries up the stairs) or if it's really just because you secretly thought that I was a lame friend and you are glad you escaped the desert and entered paradise (aka California and its beaches) and left me behind with the cactus. Cacti. Hmmm. Anyway, I'm glad I can be stalkerish and thought about checking your blog JUST IN CASE. It made me laugh. As usual. So what I'm trying to say is I miss you!