Sunday, June 16, 2013

"Here we are at seaworld"

This studly man is my Father. I like to call him Bobbie or Dob...along with the occasional Dad. On the streets of Rosemead people know him as El Guapo, hes infamous. [Would you say I have a plethora of pinatas?]

My dad is kind of a big deal. I mean, who can say their Dad rides a motorcycle to work with a shotgun on the side of it? [what does your dad take? a Hyundai? thats what i thought] He can shoot bad guys, pull people over, mace them in the face and they cant do anything about it. I think he even gets free donuts. Talk about a dream job. No, he's not a pimp..hes a Cop. A dang good looking one at that.

When he's not out on the mean streets of LA, breaking up gang fights, drugs busts and taking out the trash...He's wearing a nice white shirt and tie and carrying a Bible. My dad is such a hard worker. The second he comes home from Work, hes walking right out the door again for a meeting. ALWAYS meetings. He gets the best seat in Church though, so I'm pretty sure its worth it. Although I would say the Crestline ward is probably a lot tougher, meaner, and scarier than the streets of LA. I'm just sayin'...come to that ward one Sunday and you'll throw a parade for my dad. [Good thing Pat Dowden doesn't read this blog] Hey -that's just my opinion.

He's also a hit with the neighbors. Our neighborhood watch system was designed just for my dad. An alarm goes off whenever he steps outside because once he does everyone wants to talk to him. He's like the big man on campus, except its Zuger Dr. I don't know what their fascination is with my dad, but if he's outside..someone has stopped their car to chat, walk/run down the street to get in a wave, or is yelling off their balcony to spark up a conversation. I'm pretty sure one time I saw someone ask for his autograph...but hes too humble so he'd never tell me.

When I think of my dad I think of us eating the best plate of Nachos you've ever had [made by him of course] Hes my favorite snacking buddy. He comes ups with the most delicious snacks. He can make a mean batch of no bake cookies, and his signature trade mark snack is a spoonful of peanut butter with chocolate syrup poured in the middle. Yet he still has the tightest bottom you've ever slapped [just ask my Mom]

I LOVE that when I look back on the years of growing up I think of, Disneyland weekends, camping everywhere! We've camped at all the state beaches, dumount, glamous, sequoia, even Disneyland RV park! My dad taught me how to ride motorcycles and would take us out on weekend days to ride all day long. He took our family to literally almost every Amusement park in So-Cal. Summer Vacation meant, we'd be going to Vegas, laying by the pool drinking strawberry/pina colodas, eating at the buffet, and doing it all over again the next day.

Seriously. My dad is so much fun, and hes been such an amazing Dad all these years. Even when I'm the biggest Jerk of a daughter, he's always there for me. To bail me out of stupid life choice #4,643, or to come answer the door at 2am when I've been locked out. haha! I love that he's a great example, loving, modest, funny, spiritual, and my Dad. Thank you all that you've done for me Dad. You'll never know how much I really appreciate and love you.

Happy Fathers day!


  1. What a wonderful tribute to your father. Truly you have been blessed!!!

  2. Oh my Goodness! Lauren, that is a fabulous summation of your poppa. He is ALL those things. I am so glad your momma married him. He is wonderful and everything you said.
    I bet he will cry when he reads your post. What do you bet?
    Good job!

  3. i will never forget when he cried as soon as he saw you walking down the isle. it was SO sweet. i don't know your dad that well, but that alone shows he is a GREAT dad. such a sweet post, lauren!

  4. Lauren, thank you for all of the wonderful things you said about your dad. You are such a good writer. I love how you paint such a vivid picture through your words. (Not to mention how hysterical you are.)I love and adore you!

  5. That last comment was from Mom...not Robert.