Wednesday, December 7, 2011

i'd like to file a complaint?

every single day i pick up my house. when the kids go to bed thats when i do most of the work. dishes, vacuuming ecter-freaking-ra. so on friday night before jeremy came home i picked it up in a frenzied panic. dishes! counters! sweeping! and so forth. by the very next morning it looked like i had done nothing. saturday after the kids went to bed i cleaned the house for hours. HOURS.

dishes again. sweeping. vacuuming. mopping. the bathrooms. dusted. washed our sheets and duvet and put them back on the bed. put away 2 cases of water bottles in our fridge, organized, folded laundry. i was a cleaning machine! i told jeremy when he woke up to please help me keep the house clean because i had gone to so much work the 2 nights before and never got to enjoy it.

by 4:30 the next day my house was a WRECK. crumbs all over my floor. toys all over. all the dvds pulled out of the cupboard, tons of dishes in the sink, the floor looked like i hadn't just spent an hour totally making it spotless. it was awful. we gathered the kids together to go to dinner at jeremys parents and i tried really hard not to cry.

i was so exhausted. even just the sunday before i made jeremy take the kids over to his parents so i could clean the house for a few hours in peace. i told him if the average person had gone to as much hard work as i had 7 days ago it would not look like our house now. at jeremys parents house i had to hide my head in a pillow laying down on the couch so no one could see the tears swelling up in my eyes. it took everything in me to not break down and scream out "being a mom is HARD!!!!"

so since sunday i've vacuumed a few times, put away toys, the bare essentials but i can't bring myself to motivate myself to clean anymore than your "make the bed daily" chores. its a mess. and i care so much. its like I've been through horrible torture and i just can't bring myself to get back to where i left off. I'm too traumatized by the whole situation of it all.

and i have to admit, laying down and reading a book every night, instead of picking up for hours and then going to bed is so much nicer. but help me! what do i do? i'd rather die than pick up ONE MORE MESS. and my floors? OH MY FLOORS!!!!!!

(when scarlet broke her bowl the other morning)