Sunday, September 9, 2012

sept 9, 2012

scarlet had something happen to her and she started to cry. she then said "I'm mad! I'm really really mad!"

Conrad loves hocus pocus. theres a part in the movie where bet midler says " oh look, another glorious morning, it makes me sick!" Conrad now walks around the house and says "it makes me sick!"

Conrad was talking to my mom about pirates of the Caribbean and he said "its kind of scary, but its also kind of fun".

jeremy and i took conrad to dineyland and left scarlet at home. conrad is now 40'' and can ride some big rides there. Disneyland closed early for a cast party so we weren't able to go on pirates, his favorite ride. while walking to the car he stepped dead in his tracks and said "WAIT, WE DIDNT GO ON PIRATES!" and started to slowly walk backwards like, dude! you guys! we can't go home without doing this first!

Conrad will sometimes tell us when he has to go to the bathroom. number 2 to be exact. he always asks us to close the door and turn off the light and he goes! so smart that little boy.

conrad is 3 and knows all his colors, shapes, numbers, letters, the alphabet. he is so smart! i have a password of my  phone and he can decode it after me showing him the combination only twice! and its not an easy squence like 1234, the password is 1303. i feel like he's so smart.

right now the kids are obsessed with the labyrinth. they actually can recite the entire first part of the movie. like WORD FOR WORD. its really really crazy.

scarlet is 2. she sometimes goes potty in the toilet. she's also very smart. talks a lot and is SO adorable!

they have been to nursery twice without crying. EVER. jeremy and i usually have to sit in nursery with them or they will go insane. its the worst. but today they stayed the whole time! it felt so weird because they are the only 2 kids in nursery in the crestline ward. it felt like i had a woman babysit my kids for free. hmm?

jeremy is looking for a job still and i think he may have found one. he flys to new york this tuesday sept, 11 2012 which is the date we were sealed in the temple! bummer!

living with my parents has been hell on earth. my mom and dad do not treat me like an adult and are very immature. we fight a lot. my parents change their minds all the time and never remember that they do. i can not wait to finally live on our own again. not having a job is the worst thing and hardest thing I've  had to go to. just yesterday we found out someone hacked into our bank account and stole all of our money. we literally have 0 dollars to our name. it is not a fun feeling at all. :(   i feel helpless and out of control of most things. thats all i feel like updating for now.

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